Bernardete Blue’s current practice questions stereotypes commonly associated with motherhood.
Her personal journey as a mother could not have been any more complete and overwhelming, however, as a lone parent, she has experienced constant compassion towards the fact that there must be something missing in her existence as a mother. Expressions such as “rebuild life” after a failed relationship seem to neglect the unconditional love between child and mother, focusing instead in the social practice that having a partner is the only chance in happiness.

Bernardete attempts to blur any boundaries between being simultaneously a serious mother and an artist.

The sarcastic approach in her practice uncovers peculiar happenings at home and in daily parent-child activities such as having metal pans attached to the child’s scooter, tap dancing on top of a marzipan sheet, a bath of pasta, toys filled homemade raviolis and the use of homemade bread as a sculpting material. Somewhere between what seemed to have been pulled from unconscious desires and the kneading, rising, oven baking of the bread dough, the maternal acknowledges impulsiveness and rebelliousness.

While unconventional memories are being created for the child a great level of companionship and nourishment is unveiled as well as quite an alternative, Avant-garde mum who, ironically, makes work about motherhood as expected by being a mother and an artist.

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Bernardete Blue is natural from Madeira Island, Portugal, lives and works in London where she graduated from University of the Arts London in Fine Art.