My father, a Master in Ceramics, has had the biggest influence on my work and career. From a young age, he invited me to see the world through a creative lens where I could create anything I wanted to.

Silviya’s passion lays in making multi-media collages – piecing together memories and extracts of her experiences on a canvas of colours, textures and shapes. Silviya collects mental and visual excerpts that she then puts together in a puzzle that reflects her perception of the world. Silviya views our beloved city London through her positive and curious eyes – the power stations of Battersea, sunset in Fulham, a stranger’s demeanor.

Silviya is equally intrigued by the man-made and the natural – from seascapes to still life settings and Parisian rooftops, her pieces are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with the viewer.

more about Silviya…

Silviya was trained and educated in Sofia, Bulgaria where she mastered textile and graphic design at the country’s most prominent art and design universities. An artist himself, Silviya’s father nurtured her artistic side from an early age and raised her in a highly creative and inquisitive environment.

A multi-faceted creative, Sellvida is always exploring ways for creative self-expression. Alongside a long and fulfilling journey in art and design, she recently launched her own contemporary porcelain jewelry line – MIS LAB.

Sellvida has an extensive experience in ceramics and is now applying this knowledge to her contemporary line.