Bethan Hamilton’s work is a deconstruction of female sexuality and body image through mark making. She is currently working on an ongoing portrait drawing series, depicting images of female sitters consuming and interacting with a variety of foods. Each portrait is created using donated or found imagery and film stills sourced from online fat positive ‘Feeder’ networks, BBW and Splosh/WAM fetishism websites.

Through this body of work Bethan has sought to explore the world of ‘alternate sexualities’, to take a departure from popular culture and spoon-fed notions of beauty. However, instead of finding an online community that promotes alternative body types in a positive light these communities seek gratification through the control, isolation and humiliation of women. By removing the ‘fetish’ element, the food, Bethan’s portraits highlight the women at the centre of these scenes.

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Bethan Hamilton completed her Masters in Fine Art at the University of the Arts London, in 2009. Recent exhibitions include; A Rational Reaction, Dysfunction, UK (2015), 20:20 Print Exchange, Hot Bed Press, UK (2015), In Time, Over Time, neo:gallery22, UK (2014) Snow in Summer, Peek-a-Boo Gallery (2014). Shortlisted for Miniprint Finland, Hyvinkää Art Museum, Finland (2014), Pushing Print Prize, Pie Factory, UK (2012), neo:printprize, neo:gallery22, UK (2012) and neo:artprize, neo:gallery22, UK (2012). Selected as Print Artist in Residence, The Bluecoat, UK (2014) and AA2A Artist in Residence, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (2011).

Bethan lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.