Procreate Project creates radical models and infrastructures for better representation, accessibility and systemic change in the arts

Procreate Project provides platforms and space for the production of works that would not otherwise be created; supporting quality and innovation in building sustainable models. Critically, helping mother’s return to work as artists and creatives.

Procreate Project invites individuals and institutions to reflect on the gender bias in the arts and the creative industries. We look at the maternal experience as the main catalyst point for the decreasing presence of women in the creative industries scene. We invite and support groups to analyse and design new models and platforms that suit women’s experience.

Working towards equal opportunities and artistic development across sectors, we are ready to embrace the risk necessary to achieve a sea change in the perception and normalisation of women’s artistic output as part of the cultural landscape.

The Procreate Project umbrella includes:

- Events and exhibitions

- Workshops and educational programmes

- Art commissions

- Mother Art Prize

- Online and offline Art sales

- Mother House Studio model. Artists' Studios with Integrated Childcare

Our Story

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Who We Are

Procreate Project understands the elastic fragility of what it means to make and show artwork, at the same time as having competing caring responsibilities.

Helen Benigson, Mother Art Prize 2020 Winner