Vaiva Kovieraitė-Trumpė


40 Weeks and 6 Months

Risography print

A5 – 36 pages

The book is based on personal interpretation of being mother. 40 weeks of being pregnant and 6
months of being mom

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Mysterious, logic disobeyed, disregard, or even disavowal of principles of beauty. Through meditative practice I try to access altered states of consciousness which serves to reveal the unconscious realm. I try to highlight what’s close to subconsciousness, pseudo-reality, perverse imagination and uncertainty. While interpreting the postmodern worldview, elaborating on paradigm of this aspect I jump to conclusions and use them for my searches, composition and creation of artworks. I concern myself with integrating the paradoxical consciousness of the seen and unseen words, from something totally mundane, commonplace and, perhaps trite, to unseen, unheard and unimaginable.

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