The reimbursement of your angel


Digital print on pressed paper or Metal plate

18cm x 11cm

Bags of trash that we all carry in our social and personal life. It could be anything from our past, present or future. We are all different and there is no utopia but our own heaven of lives, even it’s not perfect. Blended in



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Unwelcome experiences from sexual trauma have led me to having intrusive thoughts. These intrusive thoughts and unpleasant ideas became an obsession.
The hidden forces of the unconscious blend with traumatic memories and incoherent mixtures from my subconscious mind, forming bizarre images, which appeared in my daydreams and night dreams. Much of my works are like the world refracted through the prism of a schizophrenic mind. My art involves found objects, assemblage, videos, sculptures, and performance; a mixture of analog, digital, and movement.
I would like the experience of viewers seeing my art to be somewhat like a game of hide-and-seek with me, psychologically. Sometimes I am hiding in my work, trying not to be found; other times, I chase viewers. As far as others viewing my artwork, I like to think that momentary catharsis can occur.

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Weight 0.42 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 2 cm

metal, pressed paper

We are dedicated to producing bold, interdisciplinary projects, embracing the risk necessary to achieve a sea change in the perception and normalization of women’s artistic output as part of the cultural landscape.

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