I am here (it just doesn’t feel like it sometimes) N1 (2016)

Photograph/Metallic C-Print

40cm x 27cm

My work comes from a position of ambivalence –more specifically through ambivalent motherhood. My father died when I was a child and my mother before I had my own children. The chain from parent to child to becoming a parent oneself was broken. My work is around the space between these broken links


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Jane Glennie is an artist and typographer who works with installation and poetry film, while remaining fervent on the finer points of typesetting complex texts.
Jane exhibits her work nationally and internationally, and manages and curates projects with other artists, including the Arts Council England funded event Engage with Art, and the London 2012 ‘Inspire Mark’ project Whatever Floats Your Boat with Slough Museum. Previous work includes the 8-day week, knitted tyres, performative hairdressing and an installation to commemorate the Royal Seabathing Hospital of Margate.

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 70 × 1 × 35 cm

Framed, Unframed

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