ProCreate Project is due to launch at the Women´s Art Library/Make at Goldsmiths College, University of London, on Tuesday the 15th of December 2015.

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The Launch Event for Procreate Project: An empowering event celebrating the art of motherhood, featuring over 100 Mother-Artists. The exhibition will be accompanied by an innovative art-studio model presentation and by a panel discussion on subjects including art and maternity, from an artistic, academic and neurobiological standpoint.

The challenge of the exhibition is to display an unrestricted number of internationally submitted artworks, creating a site specific installation that manages to showcase all of the contributing artists. The installation consists of a collection of photozines, which can either document or translate the artists’ works into the book format. Thus allowing the display of performances and visual artists alike. The installation draws upon the context in which it will be shown – The Women’s Art Library –at the same time as creating an alternative archive for Procreate Project. Therefore, the audience is invited to read and interact with it as with a growing, living archive.


Artists, academics, curators and researchers; an open conversation to expand the knowledge on the topic of motherhood, birth, femininity and women in the arts.
We would like to explore further this deeply changing experience and how, by challenges, this reflects on the artist' work; how it can make it some how richer, braver. 
To overcome the misunderstanding of this process, we will be offering solutions while giving examples of extraordinary motherhood activities and art/hard - works for a more positive future and more space for women in the arts.

2.45 pm Welcome and introduction from founder, Dyana Gravina
3.00 pm Presentation of photozine installation by Lara Gonzalez (artist, researcher) 
3:15 pm Elena Marchevska (interdisciplinary artist, researcher, organiser of Motherhood and Creative Practice 
Conference 2015)
3:30 pm Video talk by Ana Alvarez Arreclade (visual artist)
3:45 pm Elisa Terren (actress)
4:00 pm Anna Ehnold Danailov (theatre director, artistic director of Prams in the Hall, co-founder of Parents in Performing Arts Campaign)
4.15pm Lecture performance by Mila Oshin, (artist, writer, the Project After Birth founder and curator)
4:30 pm Break
4:45pm Matilda Layser, (multidisciplinary artist, writer, founder of Mothers Who Make)
5.00 pm Ivana Bartoletti(chair of the Favian Women’s Network, founder Fabiana magazine)
5:15 pm Rose Gibbs (artist, writer, feminist activist, curator of The Reproduction of Motherhood)
5:30 pm Martina Mullaney(artist, researcher, founder of Enemies of Good Art)
6.00 pm Louiza Polyzogopoulou, Simbiosi Architects (creator of the Procreate Project Art studio/crèche 3D model
Free admission hours – from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Talks: 4pm to 6pm
Watch this space to know more about the full programme!
More about the Installation:

The model is taken from the project Made and published (by artist Lara Gonzalez), which works with the Hybrid book format. The Hybrid book format, it is digital and material, can be read on-line and they can be download from a PDF format and bound. It is presented with binding instructions, which allows the reader to engage with the structure of the downloaded and printed book. So, the audience invests time rather than money if they want to engage with the physical form of the book.

Moreover, they can be shared, distributed through social networks, downloaded in multiples and displayed, to be taken away. It acknowledges the possibility to disturb the commercial flow of both publishing and art practise; it is a democratic publishing method that can be made (and published) by all.

Any art form welcome!
Submission deadline December 1st, 2015
Please include:
– 1 to 8 images (high resolution jpg)
– text/statement in support of the art (up to 250 words)
– link to your website/blog

This is a free of charge opportunity. However any donation is welcome and it will ensure further support and space for mothers (-to-be) – artists and to further Procreate Project’s development.


More about Procreate Project:
ProCreate Project is a platform aiming to provide practical help and financial support for artists, enabling them to continue producing work during
We aim to help artists build and combine their new existence as mothers with their practice.


– Build a platform that can provide practical help and financial support for artists and help artists build and combine their existence as mothers with their practice.
– Connect artists with the forefront of creative business, creating networks and links with relevant movements, scenes and diverse niche groups.
– Support, showcase and promote artist’s projects through on and off line events, activities and campaigns.
– Develop communities that encourage open discussions between mother-artists and audience.
– Provide space, facilities and drop-in childcare services to enable creative development.


For more information, please visit https://www.procreateproject.com/ or send an e mail at info@indietobe-test-two.co.uk

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