When I was about to have my first child I received the best piece of advice, ‘forget about that la la cute baby sh%t and reach deep within yourself to find your inner woman warrior, and maybe she will pull you through’. I did, and she did.

I have traveled far, and followed maps through many cities, on many continents. My journeys have shown me the importance of place. Now we move further and faster through space, and our relationship to place has changed. It is this theme I explore in my paintings and mixed media works.

I contrast concrete places and monuments, with abandoned and transitional places, to reveal how we are continually building and reshaping the physical spaces, the cities we inhabit. Overlaying, discarding, and preserving, based on what we ‘collectively’ view as important in the shared spaces we occupy. I echo this process in my work, evoking, erasing and preserving certain lines. I start with concrete things and let them disintegrate. The end result is paintings which evoke places and their temporality. My work explores place, time, and space, and what it means to be here now leaving marks in paint, and colours; fading, racing towards the vanishing point.

And it is there in the vanishing point where things get very interesting. In my work it represents a point of departure, where matter meets mind and you enter a less material space. To some extent my work uses the concrete, and its physical processes to evoke and construct limitless spaces for the mind.

more about Angela…

Born in N.Ireland in 1969. Grew up in Ottawa Canada. Graduated from Canterbury School of the Arts in Ottawa. Exhibited in Ottawa Canada.

Graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. Joined the artists’ collective ‘The Enriched Bread Artists’ in an old factory space in Ottawa.

Moved to Tokyo, participated in art exhibitions around Japan.

Was hired to teach art in Switzerland, Head of Art Department.

In recent years exhibiting in Switzerland and internationally.
Currently working on several projects ‘Monument’ and a series on ‘Place’ in my studio in Vevey, Switzerland.