Image: live performance by Xie Rong, photo by Jamie Baker

Procreate Project is looking for new works to stage on the occasion of Oxytocin Mothering the World in May/June 2020 [Dates TBC].

Call for performance and live art responding to ‘Inclusive Mothering’, looking at gender, race, bodies, disabilities and sexualities. We would like to receive proposals for performance and live art artists who self identify as women, non-binary or Trans and have caring responsibilities.

Oxytocin is about mothers and carers. It creates a platform for critical art practices, intersectional feminist theories and maternity services.

Spread over 3 days, the event sees the staging of performances distributed across different vanues, discussion panels and group workshops. The Oxytocin 2020 curatorial approach will look to unpick urgent issues, still hardly discussed and represented in public contexts.

The aim is to create a Community-driven project to evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of an inclusive maternity care service as well as providing a platform to showcase the work of artists whose artistic practices and personal experiences are underrepresented and undersupported.

We are seeking for contributions that address and explore ‘Inclusive Mothering’ practises and reproductive justice.

Oxytocin Mothering the World 2020 is curated by Dyana Gravina, Procreate Project creative director, and Laura Godfrey Isaacs artist and midwife.

Deadline to apply is the 1st of February 2020 and we will do our best to send feedback to all the artists by the end of March 2020. Thank you in advance!

* Submissions are FREE. Subject to funding, every selected artist will be paid a performance fee.

* We accept submissions from artists based outside the UK, however we cannot guarantee that travel expenses can be covered.

* Childcare is provided for the lenght of the performance. If you have childcare requirements please specify this in your proposal

More information about the event and past programme can be found at

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Oxytocin Mothering the World March 2019 – King’s College London Guys Campus

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