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August, 2018 Art by Kate Walters Words by Eve Packer

Art by Kate Walters

Kate Walters’s works explore themes around the disembodied uterus, the narcissistic mother, and the connections we have with animals and wilderness.

Kate Walters’ works in watercolour, monotype, and oil are concerned with the interaction of the animal, plant, dream and human worlds; depicting in raw and graphic immediacy a relationship that is both intimate and nurturing.

Walters studied fine art at Brighton University. She spent some time working at her successful teaching career before completing a postgraduate fine art diploma at University College Falmouth. Around 2000 Kate was elected to be a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists. She is currently serving on the NSA Committee.

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Words by Eve Packer

“summer flash”

when we were young, younger,

summer finds us in the play-

ground, niall & s.j., jeanne &

eric, sam & me, after a long

day of day care or whatever,

i’m not even sure we stopped

at home, i think, we bring the kids

w/change of clothes direct

to the playground: there is

a sprinkler-fountain, old-school,

up a few steps, a huge sand-

box, center, a huge concrete

ship for scaling, the kids

love, but someone once cracked

open his head–now of course

replaced by a generic safe climbing

structure–as its named–

anyway, the boys, they were all

boys, would play–for hours–

we would pick up sandwiches

at the opera–the deli–named for

nick and dom opera, the owners,

it was filthy and funky and they make

the best heroes and sandwiches, and

the kids play in the fountain–the neighborhood

transvestites stop by to use the bathroom

and one sits atop the sprinkler to cool off

and strut her stuff and get clean–and after

a bit the wise parks department attendant,

rather than make a fuss, just turns off

the water–the transvestite takes her leave, the kids

play til dark or after, maybe it turns


wed., 8/1/18: 8:47 pm

Eve Packer – Bronx-born, poet/performer/actress. Appearing widely with dance, poetry, performance, music, theatre. NEH, NYSCA, NYFA awards. Downtown Poet of the Year awards. Numerous publications. 3 poetry books (Fly by Night Press). 5 poetry/jazz CD’s. Teaches at WCC. Mom, Grandmom, lives downtown, swims daily.