A photographic project with powerful images that wants to communicate the idea and the purpose of ProCreate Project.

The images are the documentation of a piece of live art, featuring artists and their process of immersion into their own placenta effect and its stimulation.

“Back to the origin, closed within themselves with nothing more than the instrument of their creations and the profound connection with the nudity of their brain, an intimate journey to the renaissance of their creativity. The artist is opening her eyes for the second time in her life, fresh inspiration is born; central and internally constructed, it brings a raw flash of life and vision.

Creative Direction: Dyana Gravina; Photography: Digpal Singh Rathore, Post Production: Amanteri Francesca; Video: Katerina Kostantopoulou; Music: Sketch_41 from “Diluted Sounds” by IASM; Artist: Kerry Stammers.