The experience of giving birth at home doing hypnobirthing, was fulfilling. I felt I could trust myself and this really amazed me. The relief at coming through it all safely. Everything was guided by nature and instinctual. I probably need to remember that more often, because making art requires me to go into a similar place of trust.

As a mother and an artist the line between the private and the personal does get blurred. Video/film/photography has been a good medium through these early times – to reflect on constant growth and change.
Since having a second child, the necessity to carve out time for my work has become more urgent and finding the balance between holding on and letting go more obvious.

My work is a response to my experiences and observations of life.
For many years I have worked with film and video using both narrative and abstract forms. I have made many short narrative pieces while continuing to develop a visual language through the improvised gathering of images. I am particularly interested in light and composition, and how atmosphere can be created through framing, editing, colour, sound and rhythm.
This approach to the moving image translates directly into how I think about painting, drawing and clay.
Moving between figurative and abstract forms allows me the freedom to find images which most closely express recurring themes of sex and death, the absurd, poetry and light.
I am most interested in finding ways to convey inner feeling, the visual equivalent perhaps of a song or a piece of music.

On becoming a mother
Thoughts of a mother passing from singledom into motherhood – through Switzerland on a train. Showed in Verbier, Switzerland on 27th July with the 3d Foundation and Artprojx

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Louise was born in London in 1969 and is an artist using paint, charcoal, film/video, clay and performance.
Her work charts the human experience. Sex, death, the poetry of our lives. Always responding to the people, places, atmospheres around her, she works with whatever medium suits the moment.
She is currently painting, inspired by the colour and atmosphere of Venice, of memory and times past.
This is also reflected in recent video which expresses the pathos of moving between past and present, the non linear nature of time.

Her films have been shown internationally and won prizes including the Montreal Film and Video Festival and Channel 4’s best 4 minute documentary.
One of her films was also nominated for Best European short film by Norway. Her work has been shown at Tate Britain, the ICA, Bloomberg, Sadler’s Wells and The Royal Festival Hall, London.
She is married with two children and lives and works in London.