Jemimah’s work is heavily influenced by the fact that she is one of a conjoined set of identical twins. This twinning creates resonant psychological dimensions that are reflected in her compositions; paired or mirrored motifs recur throughout her work, often creating surrogate double portraits. She paints exclusively on mirrored and reflective surfaces to allign with these ideas around ‘the double’.

Her magnetic attraction to doubled imagery emerges in her manipulation of shadows and mirrors. Found objects are employed in conjunction with paint to express her ideas. These objects, once open reveal hidden secrets. The compartments, like rooms of a house become microcosmic worlds in themselves, like cells of the mind, a theatre of the domestic, they are a playground of
potential for the artist. Jemimah is sensitive to the significance of ordinary objects, transformed in the hands of a writer or an artist, taking on a double life.

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Jemimah Patterson completed her foundation at Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design in London in 1997-98 and a BA (Honors) at the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art at the University of Oxford from 1998-2001.