In May 2017 Procreate Project commissioned and produced ‘And Then there Were Two’, a performance piece by Sung-Im Her and Kathryn Enright

Two dance artists, struggle, support, and move with clasped hands

Two mothers, grasp for connection, strive for space, and move in energetic, intertwined tandem.

One body is attached to another–limiting and provoking new possibilities. They are connected as mother to child, carrier to carried, provider to receiver. They are each alone and yet blissfully, exhaustingly, endlessly inseparable.

In this structured, improvisatory performance, Her and Enright explore their relationship to the attached, mothering body. A body that is now inextricable from another, a body that grew and birthed another human, a body that seeks outside connection and validation, a body bound by limitation, energy depletion, and a need for freedom. Their bodies are distinctly female–woman to woman. Women that now pee when they jump, highly-trained female bodies that now sag and squish where they used to be firm, women that now know a new kind of strength and are gracefully fumbling to learn a new way to be.

Hands linked, the complex burden and gift of attachment drives these two women through space and time. They allow their bodies and states to be as they are rather than what society thinks they should be

And then There were Two was produced and performed as work in progress piece for Oxytocin Birthing The world at the Royal College of art London in June 2017