Louise Richardson

UK – Mixed Media

The Tip of it, 2020

Leather gloves, 2555 pins (wall mounted box frame)

(w) 35cm; (h) 45cm; (d) 4cm [Framed dimensions]


Over the course of a year, a person with Type 1 Diabetes will have to finger prick daily to test their blood glucose; this, in her experience, is close to 3000 times a year. It is especially difficult on a child with tiny fingers. The tip of it is about materiality transformation and alchemy of materials. The process of making is also fundamental; the time it takes to make transcends the piece and encourages the viewer to also take time to observe and make connections with the work, holding the viewer’s gaze, involving and including them in the dialogue, questioning the maker’s intention, interpretation of the wearer and how one would feel owning or wearing this garment. Richardon’s practice aims to encourage storytelling and engagement with the piece.

The diversity of materials and applications of different mediums within the work – both found and processed – gives Richardson the opportunity and freedom to invent metaphors which run parallel with the subject matter. Although the outcomes are often diverse, they all have common human connections resulting in artworks which are close to us in our everyday lives.

I’ll be your mirror, 2020

Mixed media, mirrors, ballet shoes.

50cm x 40cm x 7cm


Link, 2020

Mixed media, photographs, glass, wax, copper, safety pins.(wall mounted box frame)

40cm x 30cm x 4cm ( Framed dimensions)

£ 1850

Link, 2020 (Detail)

My work has evolved from a process of discovery and investigation, collecting and eliminating ideas and materials enabling me to build up a library of resources to draw upon for each new piece of work. I am currently looking at the idea of memory and identity, bringing universal messages to the viewer, through the portrayal of objects in my own memory. The diversity of materials within my work – both found and processed – gives me the opportunity and freedom to invent metaphors which run parallel with the subject matter.

Bookmark, 2020

watercolour, ink, old book, pressed flowers.(wall mounted box frame)

40cm x 30cm x 7cm [Framed dimensions]


This piece was inspired by my grandmother who often pressed flowers in pages of books either under their own weight or by sitting on top of them under a pile of cushions. They never really left these books but became delicate transient bookmarks. Often, the objects and images used are frail and transient, but by reinventing, combining, observing and retelling their tales they are given a new sense of life, place, preservation and resilience.

Artist’s Bio

Louise Richardson is a multidisciplinary artist working in mixed media sculpture, textiles and photography. She studied art at the Norwich School of Art and Design where she obtained a Fine Art BA (painting) followed by a Fine Art MA (multi-disciplinary) She has shown nationally and internationally, and her work is held in many private and public collections.