Jane Cheadle


This short experimental film is the result of a collaborative project between Detta Danford (sound), Busisiwe Mahlangu (words), Mary Martins (critical friend) and led by Jane Cheadle (images).

The artists worked to dismantle two 16mm film reels inherited from Jane’s grandfather. Taking issue with the clear white supremacist bent of the patriarchal and colonial/ethnographic image, their approach was to alter and disrupt the registration and orientation of the film itself, which held the supposed ‘natural’ ‘realism’ of the original content.

Each frame was digitized by hand using a repurposed slide projector and reassembled in an aggressive act of poetic manipulation around Busisiwe’s poem ‘New Affirmations for the Past’.


Experimental Animation

5 min 35 sec

The work is part of the Procreate Project commission 2020 round supported by Arts Council Emergency Response funds.