Holly Stevenson

London, UK – Ceramic

Bloom, 2020


32 x 19 x 12 cm

Couch, 2020


25 x 18 x 19 cm

Holly Stevenson is an artist working with ceramics and fiction, her practice is informed by psychoanalysis and feminism. Her surreal ceramics spring from ovular forms inspired by Sigmund Freud’s favourite seductive egg-shaped jadeite ashtray that can still be found equipped with a phallic cigar on his desk at the eponymous museum in Hampstead. Her figurative work is concerned with a re-reading of historical application of the feminine.

Pour, 2020


32 x 22 x 18 cm

The works on this page, Pour, Couch and Bloom, reflect on Holly Stevenson’s practice and share affinities with the works selected and shown at Mother Art Prize 2020, which are now in the Zabludowicz collection.

Bloom is a Ma-ma, a reoccurring figure that’s a part of the artist’s ongoing exploration into the Mother as an archetype, Couch refers to the architecture of the psychoanalyst’s studio and Pour examines the historically popular traditional figurine of the milk maiden.

Artist’s bio:

Holly Stevenson started to obsessively work with clay after a guest residency in Sichuan, China, in 2016 and her highly original hand built ceramic sculptures are informed by a feminist psychoanalysis. She graduated from the Chelsea College of Art and Design MA in 2011 with the generous help of the Stanley Picker Foundation and has since shown work at Gazelli Art House, Cubitt, Mahler–LeWitt Studios, The Barbican, Zabludowicz Collection, Flat Time House, John Latham Foundation and the MAC Birmingham amongst others. Recently she has been selected for the Mother Art Prize 2020 and a New Commission by Procreate Project funded by the Arts Council England.