Wednesday Kim

Sleep Deprived Workers

A video installation born from the artist personal experience of postpartum depression and developed in collaboration with other four women during her residency at the White House Dagenham part fo the Procreate Project Mother Art Prize residency in 2019.

In this project Kim builts a psychological graveyard with 3D animated elements, 2D images,and green screen performances with other mothers met during the residency. It also includes four short videos of performers and a 3D animation.

Liberty and excessive positivity

It is about how depressed people try so hard to think and act in positive ways, which also deepens their depression and the violence in positive psychology.


A collaboration with Violet, who wrote a poem for this project and performed in the video. It visually drew their conversation and thoughts about motherhood and giving birth.

The death ride with Griffi

A converation on how personal time and space changed after having children. Mothers and children are monitoring each other. Invading each other’s personal time and space. Just like repetition compulsion.

I am a mama of Kin babies

Idea started from the artist C-section scar. ” Felt like I was in an apocalyptic moment of myself. I felt like I no longer exist. I exist as a mother only. Like I am damaged and isolated. I am looking to find myself. My language became a Foreign language.”

Nocturnal Sounds, / 00:03:58 / 2020

This video is including all assets from the four videos.

Mothers. I am quivering, my hands tightened fearfully upon the one I am holding. At night time lots of thoughts came to me, mostly intrusive thoughts. Sometimes they are too loud. Repetitive and monotonous voices (in your mind). These monotonous noises are repeated and transformed into obsessive prayers. Unmistakably, It’s a distressing sound.

The video installation can be presented in various formats and videos are available for aquisitions. If you would like more information please email us.

The residency and this work was possible thanks to the support of Create London and the White House Dagenham.