£120.00 – £170.00

Happy Hour


Drypoint – 9cm x 11cm

These two drypoints required firm pressure to engrave lines into perspex sheet before the inking and printing processes. This firm contact is essential for the lines I make, which are scratched or rubbed into a surface. The works are from a series that reflect different moments in a day as a mother and child interact. 



My work has explored landscape, conservation and how identity is forged through family experience. After the birth of my son I began to reflect on the maternal experience. I often work on the floor with my son present and his energy drives the process. This dynamic developed thanks to Procreate Project’s Mother House, where I was invited to make work alongside my son in a shared studio space. I am interested in the gestures that are exchanged between mother and child and the deeper psychological impression (and disturbance) that a child makes on an adult and how this is managed and returned back to the child. 

BSc Architecture The Bartlett, UCL. MA Printmaking, Royal College of Art

Additional information
Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 50 cm

Framed, Unframed

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