Lichen Brooch (2015)

Sterling Silver and Oxidised Silver (available in all sizes)

14×60 mm

This brooch is inspired by lichens seen in the Scottish woodlands by jewellery designer and maker Roberta Pederzoli from Quinta Essenza. The Scottish environment is an incredible and wonderful source of inspiration and creativity. Born and raised in Italy, Roberta creates jewellery where Scottish landscape and Italian style merge together. It is made of Sterling silver by using traditional wax carving and casting techniques. Every piece is crafted with careful consideration of texture to produce a unique and timeless work by combining contrasting different elements.

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Roberta Pederzoli from Quinta Essenza designs textured and tactile jewellery, recreating a sensation of fairy-tale elegance and enchantment by delicately brushing colours over her works: black, white and gold. Her jewellery is inspired by natural and organic shapes, in particular by lichens, wood and interesting forms she observes during her walks. The Scottish environment is an incredible and wonderful source of creativity; being born and raised in Italy, Roberta creates pieces where Scottish landscape inspiration and Italian stylemerge together. Every piece is carefully crafted with consideration of texture to create a unique and timeless work.
In March 2013, when she was still a student, Roberta Hibberd won a Commended Award in Fashion Jewellery (QVC Special Award) byThe Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council also known as the Oscar of the Jewellery Industry. This gave her the confidence of pursuing a career in Jewellery Design and Making, henceQuinta Essenza was born.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 20 × 6.5 × 20 cm

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