Watercolour on paper

21.0 x 29.7

My work explores notions of femininity and womanhood. My female figures embrace this theme fully

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My first source of inspiration was the human figure, as a door to the many layers of human identity.  I was attracted to the naked body as a manifestation of self in its purest form, away from the prejudices that the outside world inscribes in our bodies.  My work continued to be figurative as I tried to deconstruct the artist’s gaze in relation to model across the canvas. I soon realised that identity is fluid and subject to social construction, as I played with the emotions and expressions of the model to shape my own interpretation of the human body.

Through abstraction and colour I am able to appeal to emotion, intuition and the world of the subjective, which helped me in my attempt to answer the enigma of identity.

My last paintings and ceramics deal too with my story as an immigrant. Due to my history of displacement, I explore the politics of identity and its intersection. I address issues such as identity, migration, femininity, memory, repression, desire, absence and loss.

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