Mother Art Prize 4th Edition – Book

This book is a collection of thoughts and conversations between Procreate Project founder Dyana Gravina, Catherine McCormack, and the 21 artists featured in the Mother Art Prize group exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection.

Printed in an edition of 100

It Includes:

  1. Photographs from all finalists
  2. Artists’ insights in their practices and processes
  3. Writing from Procreate Project founder Dyana Gravina
  4. A conversation between Catherine McCormack and Dyana Gravina
  5. Writings by finalist artists as responses to Catherine and Dyana’s questions.

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PRE-ORDER PRICE £12! The Mother Art Prize exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection concludes with an event on the 24th of June 3-5 pm. JOIN US and pre-order this book.

To celebrate the 4th edition of the Mother Art Prize publication (available to pre-order) and approaching the 10th year anniversary of the pioneering work of Procreate Project, founder Dyana Gravina is joined by art historian and writer Catherine McCormack to open a conversation that will introduce people to some of the themes and experiences explored in the book. We invite all to participate in the conversation, and outcomes will be integrated into the final edits of the Mother Art Prize book. Please join us in person for this closing event on the 24th of June 3-5pm.

We will delve in the following frameworks:

  Intergenerational silences and the ways in which we re-imagine past and future collective practices’.
‘ Feminist art history created a space for the complex identity of the mother artist and work about maternal experience over half a century ago, and yet it often feels as if we are stuck in an eternal present where these conversations are always beginning as if for the first time, and without the embedded foundations of that legacy to build on to progress.’

In the book, and this conversation, we discuss how a patriarchal capitalistic development, linked with the emergence of the nuclear family, still impacts the way we perceivecare work and informs current systems and movements, even those with a ‘feminist’ inspiration.

A point for reflection will be dedicated to the queering potential of the Mother* and the maternal experience with an expanded view. Everything is present and happening in the mother’s experience to interrupt and defy those capitalistic structures that we are railing against and critiquing in a wider context.

From different perspectives, Dyana and Catherine, and all present, will explore the last question ‘How do we go beyond the limiting discussion of ‘books or babies’ or creation/ procreation?’. This is an invitation open to all, to invite a plurality of experiences of the ones present, in person and online, to co-create an incubator that allows the capacity to expand collective resistance and coordinate strategies in intersectional groups.

We invite all to participate in the conversation, and outcomes will be integrated into the final edits of the Mother Art Prize book. Please join us in person for this closing event on the 24th of June 3-5 pm. You can book here.

Exhibiting artists: Hannah Ballou, Louise Black, Jodie Carey, Laura Clark, Andrea Hasler, Kate Holcomb Hale, Ming Ying Hong, Mee Jey, Sarah Kaufman, Belinda Kochanowska, W.K.Lyhne, Jennifer Louise Martin, Jana Sophia Nolle, Yasmin Noorbakhsh, Yelena Popova, Qian Qian, Si Sapsford, Alice Sheppard Fidler, Helena Wadsley, Anna Wańtuch and Rong Xie.

The selected artworks are connected by a deep urge to address intersectional socio-cultural matters. Through a range of mediums and practices weaved in diverse conceptual patterns, visitors are invited to engage with works that speak of the tension between a capitalistic culture and the lived experiences of women and people living at the margins: those who are raised in the diasporas, those who are living in poverty and with disabilities, those playing with the notions of ‘human’, the female, the pregnant and the mother *. Through different expressions, cultural perspectives and a touch of humour, these works create a conversation between history, contemporary lives and the future. 

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We are dedicated to producing bold, interdisciplinary projects, embracing the risk necessary to achieve a sea change in the perception and normalization of women’s artistic output as part of the cultural landscape.

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