Sleep when she sleeps (2017)

Watercolour & ‘Letraset’ on canvas

31 x 41 cm

A work from my mobile studio (bag of art materials in my car). During sleep regressions my baby struggles to sleep, except after drives. I’ve spent hours in car parks with a Letraset.
This piece forms part of a series based on dubious parenting advice. It asks if creativity fits with mothering … and answers.

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Jessica timmis is an Artist and Art Psychotherapist.
Using creativity to explore and process emotional experience is at the core of her practice. She studied Art at Lancaster University then an MA in Feminism and the Visual Arts at Leeds University before training to be an Art Psychotherapist. She currently lives and practices in Leamington Spa and is passionate about developing her creative interests in tandem with motherhood.

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Dimensions 80 × 5 × 80 cm

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