The Mother House studio model, UK’s first artist studio with integrated childcare, where children are welcome into the workspace

The Mother House was conceived and establishes by the Procreate Project CIC. The model aims to help artists who are mothers,  creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs, providing an inspiring space to allow them to continue working whilst nurturing engaged parenting. The Model facilitates integration and exchange with the Mothers’ art practice, bringing the child’s development closer to art. Crucially, children learn about women’s roles outside the domestic environment. 

Motherhouse creates two interconnected spaces:

  • Studio space for professional arts practice in the form of an open art studio. The space is organised in assigned sections that fit the needs of artists working in different mediums and forms.
  • In-houses activities organised specifically for children, guided and supervised by a dedicated team.
  • Procreate Project will supply a range of support services for artists’ members, including mentoring sessions, curators / galleries’ owners visiting the space and online promotion of works.
  • The Mother House members will have access to concessionary tickets prices for events and workshops organised by the Procreate Project.

The Mother House studio model was piloted in September 2016 in London with over 35 artists participating, then opened for two days a week in the same location for over 6 months. A pilot was organised in Stroud and we are currently relocating in Dagenham in partnership with Create London.

We are currently seeking for funding to undertake an initial 5-month research and development work to develop a viable Business Plan and associated Start-Up kits for the national roll out of Mother House Studios.


Our Partner and Supporters 

From the artists:

” We need a Mother House everywhere around the country” 

” Coming today made a huge difference for me, I am already thinking about what I am going to do without it”

” I looked at my studio journal today after three years, I would have never done it at home. Having a dedicated space made me feel evaluated.” 

“Mother House recognises the role space plays in creative work and exchange alongside the complexity of mother artists’ needs. Mother House inspires a wider understanding of artists engaged with their practices as mothers which is especially vital in a cultural epicentre like London where support is recognised as indispensable to artistic production” – Althea Greenan (WAL – Goldsmiths University)*

“Mother House is something that has been screaming to be born ever since the Womenhouse at the CalArts in the ´72!” – Deirdre Donoghue

The Mother House,started the 5th of September 2016 at the IKLECTIK Art Lab.The model provides the freedom to work independently or alongside your children and it encouraged opportunities to work in collaboration with other artists creating a supportive and inspiring network.
The Mother House idea is born in response to the urge of “making” within the life-changing experience of motherhood, offering a collaborative yet intimate space to curate your practice whilst ensuring your journey into motherhood is fed in a creative and inclusive way.

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