“I couldn´t stop looking at myself in the mirror”, she said. Sophie Starzenski shows how her creative process, focus and interests change whilst she is creating life.

Analogue Love

An analogy is a comparison, a relationship among several thoughts or concepts – a means to compare and relate two or more objects or experiences, identifying and appreciating general and specific characteristics, and concluding in a thought or conduct based in the existence of their similarities. In this case, it relates to the incidence of light on an object.

40 Weeks and A Mirror: Life taking Shape

Somehow pregnancy was her professional breakthrough. A series of pregnancy selfies, where the focus is on the beauty of a transforming body and the power of a growing life, swamped the web.

The space in between:
It always happens to me while seeing an image, a landscape, a moment… or just seeing something that I find difficult to explain, a situation that I find inexplicably beautiful. I’m not talking about the beauty of it’s colours or it’s shapes – I’m talking about something different. Something that resonates within us. That beauty depends on the observer, or you could say that it depends on the resonance of the receiver. With time, I could define it this way. Before I used to say what moved me to take certain photos was the space in between the matter.

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Sophie Starzenski is born in Buenos Aires in 1985. In 2004, she discovers photography to be a way to fulfill her need to express herself and studies with the renowned photographer, Aldo Bressi. She works with analogue film and develops her own photos in the lab. Soon, photography evolves from a hobby into a vocation and she decides to perfect her technique with different, specialised courses. Since 2006, she works as a freelance photographer, collaborating with local and international media and doing a great variety of commissioned work: portraits, fashion, architecture, catalogues, weddings. Her greatest pleasure is documentary photography, she is a tireless traveller, marked both by a constant wish to explore and a great love for nature. She prefers to work with natural light and her greatest pastime continues to be artistic photography. She participates in expositions and continues to experiment with new techniques in analogue format. After giving birth she began teaching photography workshops.
Sophie is also a yoga teacher, now giving Hatha Yoga classes for pregnant women and mothers with newborns.
She currently lives in Ibiza.