The Procreate Project Archive was displayed the past December 15th 2015 at the Women´s Art Library (MAKE) and it´s currently part of its special collection.

An empowering exhibition celebrating the art of motherhood, featuring 130 international Mother-Artists.
The challenge of the exhibition was to display an unrestricted number of internationally submitted artworks, creating a site specific installation that manages to showcase all of the contributing artists.

The installation consists of a collection of photozines, which can either document or translate the artists’ works into the book format. Thus allowing the display of performances and visual artists alike. Therefore, the audience is invited to read and interact with it as with a growing, living archive.

More About the Installation:

The model is taken from the project Made and published (by artist Lara Gonzalez), which works with the Hybrid book format. The Hybrid book format, it is digital and material, can be read on-line and they can be download from a PDF format and bound. It is presented with binding instructions, which allows the reader to engage with the structure of the downloaded and printed book. So, the audience invests time rather than money if they want to engage with the physical form of the book.

Moreover, they can be shared, distributed through social networks, downloaded in multiples and displayed, to be taken away. It acknowledges the possibility to disturb the commercial flow of both publishing and art practise; it is a democratic publishing method that can be made (and published) by all.

15 December - Women´s Art Library - Goldsmiths University

23 April - Lace Gallery. Nottingham. As Mother As Artists talks and exhibition

6 May, Manhattan College Annual M.O.M. Conference