Fotografando l'Incanto - Creating art through children visual imagery

Fotografando l’Incanto is not art made for children, is not art about children or childhood, is art which uses the imagery and the enchantment children have to offer.

The artists

Fotografando L’incanto is a collective of artists which started producing visual and performance works collaboratively and independently involving children and their imagery in the creative process.

Anna Albertarelli and Roberto Passuti / Laura Matano / Sabrina Naspi and Elen LaGanga/ Stefania Erriquez / Francesca Prosa / Samuel Faccin / Nicoletta Portavia / Livia Solmi and Andrea Fiorini

The Idea

The platform was born from the desire and the need of Anna Albertarelli, choreographer, performer, and mother, to draw and capture the enchantment that comes from childhood. Anna Albertarelli created relationships and shared the idea of the project with other mothers-artists and educators in order to produce a set of works that have as the main center childhood.

Art and Childhood

We can easily find synchronicity and similarities between childhood and artistic creation, however most likely the artistic process is way far from a child information processing and cognitive development.
On one hand we have an artist who the creative idea starts out of an excess of awareness, which stuns during the creative process to the point of forgetting the origin of the concept itself; on the other hand we look at the child engaging in an unconscious play, a learning journey thought experimentation, a child who creates to learn, to build.

Are our eyes that can see art in a childhood creation.
We believe that an artistic creation can become art when the artist deconstruct his ego and let himself follow the spontaneous improvisation that belongs to childhood.

The starting points are opposite, but the arrival (final result) are the same: to touch the essence.

The Collective is based in Italy and their work have been presented nationally and internationally for festivals and exhibitions.

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