My artworks represent the milestones of an inner journey with myself. These pictures take place in my consciousness as representations of concepts shaped in my head initially and then on a canvas or others supports. they guide me along the journey on my way of being mum, wife and woman at the same time that means to me.

Being Body, Mind and Soul. My Mantra for this journey is “Behind a project there is an Intent and that is a secret in your heart.” I dedicated my whole life to studying art, practising with different medium and tools but none of them (as english people say) “was exactly my cup of tea”…except Painting, the way to an intimate personal research.

more about Brunilde…

Born in 1983 in Messina (south Italy). She lives in Towcester, a small town in Northamptonshire with her family composed by her 3 years old son Ermete and her great partner named Riccardo.

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