Lauren Pisano

New York, US – Photography

Doing it Wrong: Imitating Men.
“My testing showed that some men find the ‘imitation man’ look sexy. Other men are completely turned off by it. In either case, a woman’s authority is diminished”

Doing it Wrong: Pants. “Never wear pants when you’re dealing with men in business”

Doing it Wrong: Shirt and Tie. “When a woman wears certain clothes with male colors or patterns, her femaleness is accentuated. She frequently looks more diminutive.”

Archival Inkjet Print

40.65 x 50.8cm

Ed 1/50 Signed

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Lauren’s most recent series of self-portraits illustrates the fashion “don’ts” John T. Molloy gives women in his 1977 book, “A Woman’s Dress for Success.” Under the guise of scientific research, Malloy instructs women on which outfits and accessories will “make or break” them in the professional world and beyond. By photographing herself wearing the items that he warns against, Lauren is drawing attention to the stiflingly sexist nature of not only this book, but to the conversation which surrounds a woman’s appearance.

Doing it Wrong: Cheap Handbag. “It’s better for a businesswoman not to carry a handbag. If you do carry one, it should be leather and of high quality”

Doing it Wrong: Platform Shoes. “The towering platform shoe is the most preposterous thing manufactured for a woman since the chastity belt”

Doing it Wrong: Vests. “Don’t wear a vest for business, particularly one that accentuates the contours of the body. Research indicates that when a woman wears a vest, she draws attention to her bust. With all women this is sexy and with a busty woman it is very sexy”

Archival Inkjet Print

40.65 x 50.8cm

Ed 1/50 Signed


Through photography, I aim to capture the authentic experience of the self as it relates to a greater societal construct. While many of my photographs are self-portraits, I am not the subject, but rather a medium embodying the most private aspect of ourselves.

Artist’s Bio

Lauren was born and raised in Queens, New York. She studied photography at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. She currently lives in Altadena, CA with her husband and son, West. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries across the United States. Currently her work is part of a group exhibition at The International Center of Photography in New York City.