Procreate Project is a place of knowledge, artistic production and experimentation. We produce interdisciplinary initiatives and artistic outcomes in collaboration with artists across the globe and in partnership with universities and establishes organizations in UK and internationally.

Through the art making and equal representation we want to unpack and put light on stereotypes and assumptions for which women cannot pursue their creative goals when raising small children.

We value both of the women’s practices, the mother as the artistic practise. By conceiving new models that facilitate the happening of a solid artistic development and visibility, while nurturing engaged parenting, we want to make social changes that benefit women and their families with a consequent carrier development and cultural impact.


  • Hold events that challenge the stereotypes of pregnancy and maternal art and make significant social and cultural changes.
  • Empower women from around the world during this life transforming experience and create more space and representation for women, mothers in the contemporary art world
  • Raise awareness of the positive impact becoming a mother can bring for the mothers and their collaborators: Mothers can be the bravest, most determined, creative and passionate people to work with.
  • Facilitate the realization of new artistic work and visibility
  • Provide a source of information on subjects including art and maternity, from interdisciplinary prospectives.
  • Provide studio spaces with integrated childcare around the UK . See the Mother House Studio Model 


  • Build a platform that can provide practical help and financial support for artists and help artists build and combine their existence as mothers with their practice.
  • Connect artists with the forefront of creative business, creating networks and links with relevant movements, scenes and diverse niche groups.
  • Support, showcase and promote artists’ projects through on and off line events, activities and campaigns.
  • Develop communities that encourage open discussions between mothers and audience.
  • Provide a studio space, facilities and flexible childcare to enable creative development.

Thoughts from the founder

Mothers should be supported. There is a profound need in society of understanding what motherhood means, the invisible unpaid labour of caring for a child and raise him or her into an adult in this society should be evaluated and recognised and not ignored.
Furthermore, women should be able to talk loudly about each aspect of their life as mothers. They should not feel inhibited during sex, pregnancy, not during birth and not after

You cannot be inhibited when creating art as you cannot feel inhibited when creating life.
The art of motherhood should be normalised, felt, extemporaneous, and not judged as boring, or not “sexy” enough to reach the  big audience.

To me art is about expression, intense feelings, experiences, chaos, madness,profundity, richness, blood, love. I would use the same words to describe motherhood. If not oppressed by patriarchal schemes radicated in people’s brain, a woman should be able to find full empowerment during this time as a human and as an artist.
Starting from this awareness then we can try to create more infrastructures that facilitate a woman in pursuing her career while nurturing her practice as a mother.

– Dyana Gravina 

Present and future goals

  • Tour internationally displaying artists’ work via exhibits, festivals and conferences.
  • Investing financially in artists’ work via fundraising and commercial productions’ profits, such as ticket sales and space rental.
  • Build a strong community and create engagement between women’s made art and buyers.
  • Build solid collaborations with street art galleries and curators to annually develop initiatives and exhibitions in partnership while creating opportunities and visibility.


Dyana Gravina – Founder and director

Sarah Dufayard – Director

Amy Dignam – Mother House Pilot co-founder

Dagmara Bilon – Mother House, Project development

Martina Santangelo – Mother House volunteer – project development

Bernardete Andrade – Volunteer artist-researcher

Martina Tedeschi – Mother House children’s activities volunteer


Antonella Gambotto-Burke is a critic, journalist and novelist
Nora Weller – Executive Director at Cambridge Academy of Global Affairs – a pioneer in promoting peace, reconciliation and cultural exchange through advancement of women’s rights and art and cultural heritage protection

Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, Artist, Midwife, Feminist academic & activist. Founder of Home Live Art