Procreate Project

ProCreate Project is a social enterprise encouraging and promoting the works of female artists who are mothers. The organisation is providing practical support for artists, enabling them to continue producing work during pregnancy and motherhood through a range of initiatives and artistic productions.

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Our Productions

We support and run interdisciplinary projects with and for international mother-artists. The main focus is to empower women in Uk and from around the world during the life transforming experience that is becoming a mother, making the art of motherhood manifest and create more spaces for women in the contemporary art world.

Past and Current Productions

The Mother House

The Mother House: The first experimental art space for mother-artists with co-produced and flexible childcare model.

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On-line art gallery

The procreate Project online art gallery wants to offer a fresh and innovative space for women artists and their work. This platform will give you an overview of some of the most powerful work of contemporary female artists are pro during today.

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M.A.M.A. – Mothers Are Making Art

The ProCreate Project, the Museum of Motherhood and the Mom Egg Review, partners for a bi-monthly on-line partners for a bi-monthly on-line presentations feauturing M.A.M.A. – MOTHERS ARE MAKING ART.

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“ProCreate can help question the society on the attitude towards pregnant women and mothers, and be able to create that space where women have the power to choose their own limits themselves.”
- Rosaria Gracia. Researcher and award winning choreographer

"Combining perspectives that include scientific, artistic and the personal represents a fine opportunity to reach and influence the public about an event whose ancillary benefits are largely ignored."
- Craig Howard Kinsley, Ph.D.Professor of Neuroscience Department of Psychology; Richmond Hall

"These last weeks at the Mother House changed my life and the relationship with my child"
- Sophia Marinkov, visual artist